Mommy Sing with Me in Polish (Every other Monday)

Sing away! Singing traditional children’s songs, teaching your children your own favorite rock or pop songs, or making up songs together – is the way of instilling a life-long love of language. Not to mention that it gives the children the foundation necessary for learning to read.

Stop by at Kids Club every other Monday, sing with Iwona in Polish, and let your kids learn the nursery rhymes that they will remember for a lifetime.

Crafts with Ania (Tuesdays)

Doing crafts with your child allows you to spend some quality time together and make important memories that will often last longer than the craft itself. Little kids are masters of the moment – they love the way it feels when they smear paint on paper, how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the soft sound a brush makes as it crosses the page, says Amy Yang, founder of Brooklyn Design Lab, an art school for children.

Bring your little one to Kids Club every Tuesday and let them enjoy the craft projects we offer. Spend quality time with your kids and let them improve their fine motor skills.

Story Time with Karen (Wednesday)

 No child is too young to learn to love books! Join our Book Lady, Miss Karen every Wednesday, as she reads engaging and entertaining stories, leads the group in a silly song or two, and helps the children with a fun craft!

A perfect opportunity for even the youngest children to practice their listening, music, and fine motor skills

Singing Nursery Rhymes with Maggie in English (Every other Monday)

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